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We are your online source for the best rates on RV loans - and strive to provide the best RV loan rates and programs anywhere in the nation. We can help with virtually any new or used RV and Motorhome finaincing in all continental US states. We provide financing for new & used RVs and Motorhomes as old as 2005 - or in some cases, even older.

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  • RV Loan Programs available for New and Used motor homes.
  •  Finance used RVs and Motorhomes back to 2005. ($50k Minimum.)
  • We provide our RV financing for all Continental U.S. States.
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Unlike many other RV loan and motor home financing companies; we are more than happy to talk with you to help you with facts and figures. Or to walk you through your pre-approval, online application, and our RV loan application, closing and funding process.    
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Another useful option, in the process of RV Financing rate and term research may begin with our RV Loan Rate Quick-Quote. In just a few minutes you can give us the basic information we will need to provide an estimate of your best RV financing rates.    
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New and Used RV Loans KC, MO - Older Motorhome Loans Back to 2005

We have lenders for used RVs as old as 2005! Your good credit goes a long way toward saving money on these super well-built units! We understand and specialize in private RV financing, "by owner" motorhome loans, and older, luxury recreational vehicles.

We understand that the RVs constructed today are not over-built like the beauties from the golden age of the luxury RV. I personally know that 2005 and 2006 were the years that the recreational vehicle manufacturers were fighting to build the best units. Everything from the grade of wood and steel to the smallest of details, such as compartment hinges and handles  - as well as many other components not easily seen - were made better and stronger.

If you need a source for new, and older used Motorhome and RV financing, or existing motorhome loan refinancing, we are the answer. We have products to suit virtually any situation or personal preference - even if other sources have told you that no one will finance an RV over 8 to10 years old. Please call with any questions you may have. From here in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas, we serve the entire US - We'll be happy to take as long as you need to help and meet your needs.

New and Used RV and Motorhome Lending is our only business. We have been in the recreational vehicle industry for over 30 years, and are proud members of many RV industry related organizations such as Family Motor Coach Association, NADA and others. Our representatives are not only friendly, be we are open extended daily hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm. At Best Rate - We answer the Phone.


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Full Service RV Financing for Dealer OR Private Sales

No matter if you are purchasing an RV that is from a DEALER, for "Sale BY OWNER", Consignment, Brokered or virtually any other RV sale situation, we are able to provide all typical sales documents and agreements you may need. We will also help in collecting any documents and information from the seller, such as the title, or lien holder and pay-off information. And leave the RV financing, seller payoff, and funding details to us. That's what we're here for! The best RV loan rates in Kansas City, Missouri to Texas and Florida.

After your decision to purchase, our Closing Department will handle virtually all aspects of the closing process, including coordinating any of the seller's lien holder, remaining balance, transfer of title and even registration in your state. We coordinate all payment disbursements to the seller and their current lender, as well as any balance due to either party. We are an invaluable source of assistance, in this complex stage of your RV purchase.

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